Monday, November 9, 2009

Breaking news from Brazil. Student wears mini dress and gets expelled from school!

In doing some research on the Charlotte media market, I came across this article on WSOC-TV's website. A young female student was expelled from college for wearing a mini-dress and causing such a ruckus that she had to be escorted off the campus.

Arruda made headlines after the Oct. 22 incident, in which she had to be escorted away by police after wearing the mini-dress to class. She put on a professor's white coat and left amid a hail of insults and curses.

This in the country that brings us an annual fete of skimpy clothing and promiscuity.

So, naturally, I had to search for video. I found the following. Now, I don't speak the language, but one doesn't need to when reveling in the following: the female anchor's dress, that the clip is six minutes long, and it's only Part 1.

Congratulations to Geisy Arruda for milking her 15 minutes.

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