Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Troubles, continued

The TSA continues to get shellacked.  I saw footage on television this morning of a young boy who was told to remove his shirt and then get patted down by an "agent."

A young boy?  This isn't the Middle East where terrorists use children to act as mules.

Here's a rant about the anti-TSA rants.  Peter Shankman presents a good case for people to (1) shut up and not opt-out of the body screenings and (2) if you're going to organize an opt-out day, do it on a day that makes sense.  He rightly points out that the TSA is not security; it's "security theater."

The AP has an interesting piece out today which basically echos what I've said earlier about the TSA's problem being communications-based.

So, aside from obvious operational changes (rules that are consistent and make sense, profiling, simple logic, hiring intelligent "agents," etc.), what can the TSA do to improve its image?

1.  Let people know the real facts about the amount of radiation they are exposed to by the scanners.
2.  Show examples of the images that are produced by the scanners.
3.  Provide a real explanation of the rules and why they make sense.
4.  Stop hiding behind the notion that information can't be divulged "due to security reasons." 

I expect the TSA to issue a PR RFP anytime now...

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