Thursday, March 4, 2010

Social media dilutes brands?

I just watched a video that had me laughing so hard. Why? The guy in it is obnoxious and says things that run completely contrary to just about every marketing person out there.

I also think he may just be right. (If you don't believe that I agree with him, go back and read some of what I've posted in the past on social media.)

Now, he may not be 100% spot on, but if you listen to him (even the sales pitch toward the end), and can get past (1) his obnoxiousness and (2) the fact that viscerally you won't respond well to what he's saying, you may just find yourself nodding your head.

Kudos to my buddy Gelman at Alliance Distributors. His note to me when he sent me this video and other content from this guy: "I think I found your soul-mate.")

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